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App Support – Questions & Answers

Why do you need access to my camera?
To use the app’s sing along feature, the app needs to access your camera. Don’t worry, the app does not record, store or broadcast any video.

How do I see the lyrics to the songs?
If you press the book icon on the bottom right of screen as the music videos play, you can make the lyrics appear and disappear. If you are in a language other than English, the circular arrow icon changes between the language you’ve chosen, English, and the language you’ve chosen and English together.

I have a new device. How do I unlock content I paid for on my old device?
If you proceed to the purchase screen, you will see a ‘Restore previous purchases’ button. Pressing this button will enable connection to the store and restore all your previous purchases.

Why doesn’t the screen flip around when I turn my device the other way?
The sing along feature works best when the device’s front camera is on the left hand side, so we’ve locked the screen orientation in this way so children get the best experience without confusion.